Being a fabricator with all the tools
needed to build what I like to call “BOB”, Anders himself, took his Evo I and
did just that. He created BOB, a Blacked Out Beast. Being an enthusiast for
over a decade Anders bought his first Evo, a III in 2006. Since owning that
III, he always had plans to build the quickest 1/4mile Evo in Sweden.  And so, I present you BOB.

This Evo I was bought with the EvoV-VI
Widebody as you can see and being a little rough around the edges this was the
perfect template for exactly what Anders had in store.  So what exactly did Anders throw at it? Eight
Hundred and Forty Four Wheel Ponies at 8500RPM but the impressive thing is she
Revs to 9000. Being this setup is for Drag the power band has been shot up with
the use of some Kelford Cams running 11.5mm of Valve Lift meaning more Revs
equates to more power with its limitations of course.

Anders had some incredible goals when he
begun this project and those goals simply pushed him further up the ladder of
difficulty. With a mindset of 8seconds of the 1/4 Anders truly will have to
push BOB to its limit but with the perfect shifts and all his supports at his
side I know he will get there.

At the moment Anders uses this as a weekend
track car with no realy goals to run in competition. He truly has a mindset for
being the Fastest Evo in Sweden while still being but a self-built machine at
his own shop. (
Working regularly on Evos he gained tons of experience on them and boy does it

This is the meaning of vehicle passion,
setting yourself a goal and pursuing it. Never letting someone stop you even
when things get tough simply continue to push and reach your goals. Because one
day, you’ll get there.

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