What Social Media is for me could only be explained as, my gateway to the world… But not in a Cyber sense, a literal one. My World Map speaks for itself. Because that Map and those Pins are what my description of wealth.

I created a community around a passion of mine. The passion that kept me safe from drugs and dark times. The day I created this community, I was only doing so for my own sanity; to extend my passion beyond that of simply wrenching and building.

Things picked up this year in ways I can’t even begin to understand and believe you me… I have tried. I saw the very world that I built, turn into a home for thousands. I don’t only post for Evolution Plus; I live it.

There doesn’t go a moment of the day I don’t day dream about my future, plan for growth and work towards it’s reality. I don’t want to wake up in the future fighting to have a certain dollar figure in my bank… I want to wake up fighting for my next adventure.

But I am lucky, as this is exactly what I am doing; fighting for my own growth and building my wealth. One Pin at a time. What are only numbers too you, may mean the world to another. We are all fighting the same battle. And I simply wish we could all realize that.

What drives me in life is no different than what drive you; the only variable is our passion. And this is mine.

I hope we can all be here together, growing as a community for long to come. But for now, all I have to say is I might just be popping in near you one day soon.. So follow, share and enjoy. I am just living my life to the best of my ability and hoping to bring thousands joy from doing so.


Evolution Plus

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