Here it is, the Evo that hit us all by storm so many years ago; is back! If you were to take a minute and head over to Youtube following this link ( APC Evo II ) you would witness the first ever seven second Evo put down a 170+mph pass & taking the title.

You will also see what was an absolutely massive 1.1 second 60ft time, being the whole reason this Evo was able to do what it did. And that’s what we are chasing; Sevens. After all these years, that 60ft still holds up to the greats.

Don’t get it wrong. This is not a car you can get into and perform with. This was built to be about as raw as it can be. You need to drive this car with all you got & do it so all within ten seconds from staging to the shoot pull at the other end.

I was lucky enough to be able to be here for its return to the front stage. So lucky in fact; I myself directly aided in it’s return. What has been about ten years of Evo knowledge collecting in my head has turned around into helping the world’s fastest Evo hit the strip again.

The Dyno Run before she hit the strip at Nationals.

But in racing, the unforeseeable hit hard & sadly on it’s return to the strip, 2nd gear just wasn’t on our side. Our latest time still was nothing pretty, 13seconds @124mph with us only coming onto power past the 1/8th after its coast past 2nd into third.

I’ll tell you what though. If you guys follow us, share our posts & continue to be as engaging with our posts as you are already, this story will not only be one for the history books. It may just make it’s return for it’s reign.

In time, all is possible.

This is us,

Shoot packed ready to perform at the end of the strip.

Chasing Sevens.

Stay tuned for the next part of “Chasing Sevens”.

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