Is this the new concept that will return Mitsubishi into the world of All-Wheel-Drive performance? Carscoops shared this article speaking about the “2023 Galant VR-4” concept.

The details spec out the Galant to be utilizing the features of the MI-Tech compact PHEV driveline that would boast four(4) electric motors and a generator style engine. This would allow unprecedented control in any weather.

As much as we hate to see it go, the reality behind electric sports cars is that their potential is astronomical. It makes traditional ABS based traction control seem almost dinosaur-ish. The speed in which a vehicle’s brain can control a four(4) wheel independant motorized vehicle can and will lead too some of the fastest cars we ever see.

Are we against the electric powered vehicle movement? Sorta. I am afraid of regulations that government will put in place concerning gas powered vehicle’s one day. But I am not afraid of the world going “green”. (Even though we all know this is both harmful for the world in the production process).

The automotive world is going to change in ways we could of never imagined in the new decade, so for now all I gotta say is, hold on tight; it’s going to be a quiet ride (ha!).

Check out the full article by CarScoops here.

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