Daikoku Futo is different. It’s not an event. It’s simply a Parking Area, one that pulls in cars from every corner of Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan. Daikoku was my first stop during my trip to Tokyo this year. But long after that trip, memories from it keep coming up through all my shared photos on Evolution Plus.

I found an older photo of Daikoku not long ago; one that showcased two Early Evos. One of which long before the days of the Evolution Plus grind caught my eyes.

Daikoku Futo PA in Yokohama, Japan

I vividly remember cruising there in my buddies Red Evo II GSR. He was a follower of mine and he reached out one day and quickly welcomed me, teaching me the ways as we arrived at one of the most famous meeting spots in the world.

The photos are far from anything of quality, but that’s not the point here. This place is not only special, because of the cars. It is so, because it’s truly a one of kind, hub.

We woke up early on Sunday as we were told too by locals. “Head over there at 7am, you won’t be disappointed.” They said.

I only spent 3 days in Japan. Mostly spent driving on the C1, jumping from Parking Area to Parking Area. The entire time in awe at the reality we were living… In awe that we were doing so in an Evo IX Wagon for god sakes! HOW!? haha.

If you are ever planning to take a trip to Tokyo, remember this
– Fridays is best for night time meets at Daikokufuto
– Saturdays gets shut down by the Police at 9pm
– Sundays 7am at Daikokyfuto

I hope you guys get to live what I was lucky enough too.

Enjoy your adventures in Japan.

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