I’m in New Zealand every one. Yeah, the Crazy Canadian as I am known out here is back in “Evo Land”. But this time is a little different. This time, I am here for one thing. Too prove myself. Prove that the name you all love “Evolution Plus” can talk the talk and walk the walk in our world of Evos.

I landed here yesterday, after nearly 40 hours of travel time from start too finish. Back aching and a pounding headache. But I made it. Got off the plane and headed straight to the shop. ST Hi-Tec (Xtreme Vehicle Tuning) to be exact, the home of some of the maddest cars in New Zealand, let alone the world.

I am here doing what I can too continue growing my name. Learning, teaching and creating friendships along the way. But most of all I am here because this is how I find my happiness. This is what I do best; as you all say I do.

We tuned one of the most famous Evos today. The, as previously known; APC Evo II from Australia. The world’s fastest Early and one to do so nearly 12 years ago. What’s the time you ask? 7.943 @ 176.47mph. Are you interested to know where it stands amongst the fastest Evos? Check out https://www.dragimportnews.com/top-10/quickest-awd-evo/ for all the info you need.

Dreams became reality today. They did so in ways I still cannot fathom. This past year has truly changed my entire outlook on my strength to accomplish anything I set my my mind on. This is my world. And I am trying grow my community so I can bring you all the content, the Evos you want too see.

Evolution Plus is signing off.

4 & Rotary Nationals this weekend..! Prep is on.


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