The hype is real boys. This isn’t a joke; Evo’s are now legal states side and the world as Canadians knew it has changed. We are no longer the sole reigning champs in the Right Hand Drive Western Society. And this Evo II RS is the closest you will get to feeling as if you rolled off a Mitsubishi showroom back in 1994.

In less than 14 days the @pleasureevo (as seen on Instagram) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II RS will be seeing daylight on BaT (bringatrailer.com).

Alex imported the CE9A-0000926 last year as the world was ready to shut itself down. The Evo made it’s way from Europe where it was previously owned by a fellow rally enthusiast who has a collection of many AWD WRC cars such as Cosworth’s and many other Group A cars.

Needless to say, she was maintained in pristine condition, short of some very small details based on age of the vehicle; of which Alex has since restored.

The Evo II RS came with a bunch of Ralliart factory options such as Ralliart Strut Bars, Ralliart Gauge Package and a Ralliart Knee Brace to name a few. This is as complete and original as they come.

“I’d never seen a complete Evo RS and even though this wasn’t a car I ever imagined owning, I had to buy it because I thought someone here in the US would really appreciate how original it was.” said Alex.

Here is a walk around of said Evo II RS.

Coming from a passed of Early Evos, Alex originally had a standard Evo II GSR that over time has developed into a very well known Hill Climb car within our community and beyond. But as I asked him about how the RS compares to his now race car Converted GSR, he showed me nothing but love for the Factory Standard RS.

“The race car is just a totally different experience now, the smell, the sound, the vibration. It’s nice to get in a road car that has a lot of capability and that also flies under the radar wherever it goes.”

The truth is race cars are not friendly. Their loud, smell and vibrate your brain to within an inch of sanity. This Factory RS however has all the ability to wiz by Porsches without raising an eye at what it was.

Alex told me that his goals for the Evo II RS; in the event he kept it. Would be to find a Ralliart bolt in cage and take it to beat some Stock Hill Climb Records. But right now that opportunity is available for you!

When the BaT auction opens up here soon, will you jump on the opportunity to own this immaculate example, and maybe set your own records.

If you are truly interested in this Evo II RS, contact Alex directly so we can help you, drive off the lot.

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