We all know our beloved Evos will only get older as we do. After 23 years in production the Final Edition took the last stand back in 2015 & today we see more & more restorations coming along. Just like Michael’s Evo II front bar freshen up.

Let’s be honest here, there never was too many Evo II’s to begin with. If my memory serves me right, less than 6500 were ever made. Does that put it in perspective for you? Take away those crashed, cut up & rally’d and I would only imagine there too be in the area of 5000 driving on our roads today.

But some of us, love our cars in ways few understand because of it. And this is that example. Patience and dedication too perfecting what is one of the last. Here is a little insight too what a properly completed Front Bar restore looks like.

Now let’s take a step back.

If more of us spent the time to focus on the details. I already know we would be so much happier. And that stare back everytime we walk away from our passion, would mean so much more.

Focus on the details. Work hard for your goals. This doesn’t only go for your car; but everything you do.

That’s all.

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