What is there to say about this near thousand horsepower Evo? That it’s no longer an Evo? Maybe that Matthias Boldt has created the perfect AWD Mean Machine? What I do know is that Matthias built and drives this Evo/Colt once an Evo2, hard every single day. He drove hundreds of kilometers to his Dyno day and drove back home, he drives hundreds of kilometers every night to race and always makes it home after. He built a one thousand horsepower 4g63 to drive on the street and track.

 Matthias has one regret,  buying some cheapish parts at the beginning of his build. The only reason he has had an issue (after 15,000km of abuse mind you) is because of those parts. Do it right the first time.

A while back scrolling through Facebook I fell upon Matthias video of his nine hundred and eight horsepower Evo II. As any fanatic, I immediately clicked the link and after seeing him spin all four on the Dyno in fourth gear, I had fallen in love.  Matthias built this Evo to terrorize the street; however reaching that power level was a total mistake. As he says “It just happened,” having originally set his goals for six or seven hundred, reaching over nine hundred was out of this world.

In retro spec Matthias is a man of few words mainly because of the slight language barrier but that doesn’t stop the fact that this man knows his 4g63’s after four years of tuning them and over seven years in the Turbo tuning world he has built and tuned some incredible car’s.

People would say a nine hundred and eight horsepower AWD power house would be enough for any human and the truth is, it isn’t. After having some fun ripping R1’s to piece’s and laying incredible times on street tires Matthias decided to change up his plans, and before we knew it the Evo/Colt was born.

What is so special compared to his Evo II? Maybe it’s the jump of seventy horses, or the fact it’s lighter, built better and today puts down 9.78sec at 238.02km/h on the ¼. That’s incredible numbers isn’t it? Check this video out for measure just to you realize that this Evo/Colt will trash almost anything on the street and will put top cars to 200km/h before they hit 100km/h.

The figures are mind blowing; the speed in which this thing goes, the rpm she redlines at and truly the way she looks to me is simply perfection. I fell in love with his monster Evo II, but once the Evo/Colt began coming to life with its Custom Fitted Intercooler, Arches, Spoiler and everything else that was done, I was sold. Will I one day follow this direction? Maybe.. Will it ever match up to what Matthias has done? Doubtful.

I respect him in all he has done and when you look at the craftsman ship gone into all he creates you can truly see that he is not playing around. He is here to make himself known and that he has.

The 978hp Evo/Colt.



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