It’s hard to describe a vehicle such as the one we are speaking of today. The reasons behind this are simple and truly show how unique people can be when creating their own vehicles. Let’s face it, these days in the car culture there is way too much hate going on. Whether people despise other car manufacturers or simply hate what other have done to their own vehicles. Truth be told Nikolas has also gotten hate for his choice’s however that did not stop him it only pushed him further. I bring you Nikolas Kyriakou’s Evo III.

     Over 10 years ago Nikolas purchased this Evo III spontaneously and till this day will never turn back on the decision made so long ago. After the purchase of his Evo III Nikolas already had plans, seeing that his mind set in the first place was getting an AWD vehicle. Not long after he had begun stripping the interior making it “Race Ready.” He later had the engine built and begun striving towards his goals. 

     With the ownership of this vehicle there are a few things one comes to realize. Being that these Evo’s are Rally Bred they do not come with the space needed for wide tires and this was a big issue for Nikolas. So with a search for a way around this he found a Varis Evo VI kit for cheap and snatched it. This moment I believe was the time when I came to the conclusion reading about his build that he had begun to create a truly unique machine. 

     As the new Varis kit had started being molded into the car and all the plans for the future started, his Evo III had begun to jump up into the big leagues. He had in time built a Hill Climb car, raced an entire season and had a blast. However one day he had an idea, of which was unique, different and something only a handful had done before him. Nikolas turned his Hill Climb 500 horsepower Evo III into a Drift car. Removing the front axles and welding the center diff, he was burning rubber and flying sideways. (Links below to videos of him Drifting)

     Nikolas has come a long way from that first day of being sideways and I could honestly go on for days about all he has done and how his skills grew from doing small skids to being the center of attention in front of hundreds of people. He truly had incredible experiences throughout his build. 

     Having said that looking into present day Nikolas has once again shown me and everyone he knows just how unique and different one vehicle can be as in the stages of his build presently he is heading towards a massive down force time attack car and knowing him it will be a jaw dropping thing to see.

     I conclude this article with a question I asked Nikolas. “What would you change if you had the chance, if anything, to go back in time?” Nikolas response was one that has made me realize what I have done on my very own build was actually the correct path to take. That path I speak of, is to not deal with the vehicle’s power side of things before focusing on handling and braking. Making sure the vehicle can handle the power you one day want to put into it is very important and what I see every day is that many people specifically street tuned vehicle owners don’t see this importance. All I am saying is to think about what is more important before doing your engine builds. Can the rest of your car handle the power you’ll be putting down?

Here are link’s to Speednation Photo’s and Review

Photo’s(Facebook Album)

Review(SpeedNation Article)

Video(Youtube SN Video)

Thank you to Nikolas for the help

and strive he has given me in my own build.

As well for being the main reason I went

in the direction I did. 

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