Being the creator of such a fierce machine, constantly repeating your work, knowing something can be built stronger and lighter. George Whenn built a superb Evo spending over half a decade, only reaching his completion late summer of 2013. He created a World Time Attack Car without knowing it at first. His original plans were set towards a Tarmac Rally Car but he went all out, threw his ideas away and aimed for the highest peak on the mountain and so his World Time Attack Car came to life.

George has always had a passion for racing, being passed down from his father, he knew all he wanted was to get in racing world one day. Being that he only truly got into racing in his early 30’s George bought this Evo2 back in 2006 and from that day he knew all would change. Ideas begun floating in his head and before he knew it a few years had passed when he reached a point where his Evo could be very competitive in Hill Climb and that is what he used it for. One day however, everything changed.

The ideas and planning begun with thousands of dollars spent on parts and hundreds if not thousands of hours spent wrenching away, building her up George reached his goals and with the build of this, was invited to the WTAC (World Time Attack Championship). The thing about George is, during the process of building his creation and learning all about it, he was always there to help others, including myself. He is today someone I look up to with his Build being somewhat a Model for my eventual build Hill Climb Evo plans.

One thing about him is not that he owns such an incredible machine but that the work and time put into building this is what is truly incredible. The detail and patience’s is what makes me realize that rushing things does not end in success but taking your time creating your tool into the best it could be is what truly matters and that is exactly what he did.

Browse through his photo’s and show the respect George deserves as he like many others has dedicated his life to his passion and I can say that today I know he will not look back on his decisions made so long ago.

                    George Whenn’s Evo2 World Time Attack Car.​

                Thank You to George, 
                Photographer’s for his Photo’s  
                and to you all for reading.

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