Nathan’s Evo caught my eye a few months (years) back after speaking to Chequered Flag Photography, who had done a small photoshoot of his Yellow V. His Evo being the rare dandelion yellow it is. Truly allows it to stands out in a crowd; as I am sure proves itself to be down under, in Australia where Nathan drives this beauty.

Two and a half years ago (5 & 1/2) Nathan bought this Evo V being that he had a soft spot for Yellow V’s after watching the Jun Hyper Lemon Evo race around Tsukuba back in 2002. He is a true Early Evo fan but knew if ever a dandelion V came along, it would be his. And when that day came, he jumped on the opportunity.

When looking at this Evo you truly see the detail that has gone into it. For one, the exterior of this V is just perfect. The Carbon Hood collides with the Yellow perfectly, while his small touches like his light blue ram air vent, and black wheels makes it his own.

 In comparison to many people, who would say this Evo is perfect, Nathan is going a step further. A Varis Widebody kit is to go on, an Engine in the process of being built and a larger turbo on its way to eventually  transform this sensible yellow V into the rocket ship it is meant to be!

I asked Nathan if he had any advice for the future Evo buyers out there and infact his response was identical to that I would give.

Being that these cars are what they are, homework should be done on them. The goals you have for your eventual Evo should be taken into consideration into which generation will suit you best and realizing you will be in trouble in thinking no money will go into her once she’s bought. Be wary of the cost that comes with these cars as you will never know what will happen or how far and high your mind will push you!

Build your Evo, your way. Assure yourself that the day you take her out, she makes you smile.

/ This is an old Feature pre 2015. Want to see more of Nathan’s Evo? Comment below!


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