We did something incredible today. Against all odds after seemingly every spark related issue known too man, Iain Clegg from ST Hi-Tec Ltd in New Zealand; wheel’ed his Nissan R35 GTR to take the Australasian 1/4 record.

While one may bring up the fact around these stats having been achieved countless times in other countries, this record was bigger then that for the crew at ST Hi-Tec. This goes back, this isn’t only his dream, but that of a late friend. The record came on this 17th day of May in 2020.

7.648 @ 182.11mph // Meremere Dragway in New Zealand.

People think that our passion is based around our need for competition. Our need to win. But every single racer will agree, that this want to compete is truly about creating moments with our second family.

When Iain finds out he bettered his previous 7.7 pass.

We race, we build and we showcase for the moments. Moments like these are real. This is why we do it. As humans we have needs. We have certain traits that make us all unique in our ways. This is our trait. This is our need. And these are the moments we do it all for.

Iain Clegg – “Well what an emotional journey so far, so overwhelmed with feeling of a great achievement! After 4 years of Race development combined forces with the best of the best, Dodson Motorsport and St Hi-Tec Ltd. Without my amazing team; none of this would be possible! I would like to thank Glenn Cupit and the entire team at Dodson Motorsport, I would like to thank my entire St Hi-Tec Motorsport team for always being there for me and also Gary Bogaart and his awesome team today at Meremere Dragway. To my 1 and only Amy Lee Palmer for putting up with all my ups and downs during this timeā¤?, you are my ride or die! ?

Everyone of these people in my life believed in me and my crazy ass dream which is now becoming reality! Freaky thing is we ran 39psi of boost on the worst of conditions for drag racing in NZ and still smashed records. This platform is proving to be world leading!

So excited for summer drag racing season. Once again thank you to everyone who believed in us and if you didn’t, you might now!

Follow our journey as we take on the world!

Cant wait to feel 80psi of boost in summer!

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