No long ago now, the world resurfaced article’s about the “Evo XI (11). It was difficult for me not to comment on what was being said during that viral outbreak of the concept car, that frankly was simply a reworded, viral post hunt.

But then this came up, the Lancer Edition R. While few have seen it. I wanted to the first to bring it to all your attention. Is it the new Evo? No. What is it though, is a body kit created to entirely transform any 2007 – 2019 Lancer/Ralliart/Evo chassis into a seemingly Evo XI.

Don’t get me wrong, I frankly believe it is an awesome kit. As we know, companies all have a style they follow and this very one, goes hand in hand with the current Mitsubishi showcase look.

Let’s go back to that article that popped up about the Evo XI concept before I continue to speak about this Edition R. The reason that article was all “bullshit” was that it was the very same I spoke of back in 2015, when the Last Final rolled off the factory floor and was shipped out.

The power figures listed as the very ones that were spoken of about the Final. Though we all know it didn’t happen quite how it was spoken of. That SUV looking 2 door concept is the same one from back in 15′; I can go back and pull up that article, but I won’t.

An Evo XI would make no sense. It’s an odd number and it would require a series of cars to come after it we know just won’t happen. What I do believe however may come to life in the future is; a Mitsubishi Evo(Evolution). In the same way that Nissan developed the Nissan GTR, it was not a Skyline anymore. And the new iteration of the Evolution line up, may just be based on a similar principle.

This Edition R kit has been created by the people of DYTKO Sport and Proto Cars to allow the most sold Lancer model to continue to evolve.

Do you hate it or do you love it?

It’s hard for me to have a truly unbiased opinion of it because my whole life is based around this platform. I think it’s a good thing. I believe it will allow people to continue creating unique builds off of a platform that is plentiful in numbers. (The CZ*)

The Evo will never die. It has locked it’s name in the history books and what DYTKO Sport and Proto Cars have done is just another reason to get your hands on one and start building.

The aftermarket will only grow as the years go on. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is far from the end of it’s reign. We are only getting started.

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