I remember back in the early 2010’s, Evo I RS in the driveway. Less then 100 followers (mostly friends) keeping up with some poorly planned posting & a passion that would light a fire. I remember being so deeply invested. This was part of me. Evolution Plus that is.

And over the years the passion faded, Facebook changed it’s ways, the algorithm became feverishly difficult as it begun feeding the paid. But I have too admit I was also out of focus. I prioritized my relationships, rather then my passion. Today I don’t regret that. Single, having reached over 145k Followers.

Everything seemingly happened for a reason. I have travelled the world for these cars, have distributed my brand too more places then many can even name. And if you are reading this right now, you probably know we well enough both personally & professionally too know how much Evolution Plus truly is part of me.

Today we released another “toy”, a collector pin designed by a good bloke in New Zealand. Mark from Blatters Custom Pins. He approached me a few months back, wanted to work with me. And since that day, many others have as well.


I started an e-commerce business based around our beloved Evos & I am starting to be able too truly live the life of my dreams. I thought I could do it all by myself. But I couldn’t and today, I never want too. Because the people that Evolution Plus brought forth, the friendships it has created and the memories that will be with me and for all too see, forever have truly created one of the most amazing stories.

My story.

Thank you, each and every one of you.

Evolution Plus

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