These two letters mean a lot in our world. The reason for that is because of the legend, Norris Design himself, Simon Norris. Ever since I can last remember he has been building some of the most incredible Evo racecars ever produced.

Simon Norris is at the top of the Evo game and he continues to amaze us all through his world class builds. Look at this. It’s the famous SWB Evo IX & it’s driveline is none other than the ND LongBlock Twin Charged “No-Lag” 4G.

Haven’t seen it or heard of it? We will write up an article about it soon.

But look at this Evo. Read what Simon captioned on his build progress photos. If this isn’t passion I don’t know what is. Seeing someone put so much effort into the details of a build is so inspiring to follow similar paths during your own build(s).

So after all that work, I decided (for a variety of reasons) the engine was still too far forward……… so we moved it back another 440mm!

The whole engine was now behind the front axle centreline and the front diff (and steering rack) could go in front of the engine instead of under the sump. Better weight distribution, better driveshaft angles, easier to work on the front diff and sump pan, shorter lighter prop etc etc etc. Win win, I was now happy with how it was located. ???.

In addition we swapped Supercharger from drivers side to passenger side and flipped it upside down.

Nothing but speechless when looking over this chassis. And glad too see the passion still strong “with this one”.

I truly cannot describe the want/need to one day make the trip over and visit the man himself at his “evil lair”, Norris Design.

Maybe even grab a bite, race an Evo or two and make some dyno pulls. Too be fair I have been crushing over this man ability for quite some time. But I realized, it just takes time. And with how my future plans are looking for Evolution Plus…

Who knows, maybe we will, maybe Ill get one of those engines for my own build, maybe even design my own.

I want too thank you Simon for the constant updates during your builds, for the incredible knowledge you hold for truly being a stand up guy. I emailed you quite some time ago and your team as well as yourself were nothing but helpful and willing.

Hopefully we can do an PodCast soon.

Cheers to one of the greats.

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