This is an easy one for me too write. I cannot begin to describe what the last five years of my life mean towards my future; but I’ll try. I made dreams come true, in short terms.

But that’s not what I am on about. The world is consuming content online in ways never seen before. While in my eyes we are too far gone to fight it. Making our only hope too create, bring joy & even teach along the way.

We need to stop fighting the consumers for doing what makes their days go by and start focusing on eliminating the fear of the future from our minds. Last year I tripled my following & traveled because of it. I managed to create a world for myself, no one could of ever for seen.

I don’t fear the future, because in moments of sadness. I know good will come. In times of anger, happiness will fill our hearts where we once had darkness. Pain is only temporary. No matter the circumstances. But it’s not a light switch, it has to be promoted within you.

Why do you fear the future? Is it because your comfortable? Are you self harming yourself with this mental about what ifs? I don’t fear my future; I embrace it. I work for it. I create uncomfortable situations for it. Because if you don’t act today, your future will always haunt you.

One day when you are telling your grandkids stories about “back in my day”. All that will come to light are moments. Moments of happiness, joy, difficulty & sadness; but. In difficulty comes joy and in sadness comes happiness. Life is about the journey to creating moments that will never leave your mental.

Live life for the moments that create your story, not for those that hinder it.

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