The Red Demon has officially been retired. Yeah, you heard right; the world fastest 4cyl H-Pattern shifted DSM has been retired.

Devin is home and safe, after the Boostin’ Performance Red Demon took a spill ending the chassis story as it stands. It’s hard to say so after all they have been through over a decade of building this car.

What is a huge loss comes as a hit but none the less, the memories, stories and heart that Devin and his family showed year after year will never be forgotten. This car holds numerous records and will go down in history.

What’s important to take from this is that life isn’t about the end goal, but the process behind the journey. What started off as a 8 second 35R DSM that had little following became one of the most loved teams and cars in racing today!

Let’s show some support for Devin & Kristin but as incredible people they are, this was their message to the whole community.

Boostin Performance – “As many of you know, we hold the H-Pattern Stick Shift ET record (7.04) for awhile now with the Red Demon, but haven’t consistently held the MPH record…… until now. 215.62 MPH was accomplished even with a 25 mph head wind at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

But with this incredible accomplishment comes some major heartache. On a pass following this record setting run, we are not entirely sure what happened, but we believe something in the front suspension broke causing the car to loose control and hit the wall. Devin is 100% ok, not even a scratch on him, which is a testament to why proper safety equipment is so important.

We couldn’t be more proud of where this car has taken us, and everything that we’ve accomplished with our friends and family, as we’ve traveled the country. But for now, we are going to retire the Red Demon at the top of her game, and with no regrets. This may not be a good bye forever, but we are going to take a step back and reminisce on all of the events won and records broken by the Red Demon:

– Quickest & Fastest Stick Shift / H Pattern Manual Trans
– Quickest & Fastest 4 Cylinder AWD
– TX2K Stick Shift – 1st Place
– Extreme Stick Shift – 1st Place
– DSM / Evo / GTR Shootout Quick 32 – 1st Place (x2)
– King of The Street (KOTS) “Banger” Class / Stick Shift – 1st Place
– KOTS “Gangster” Class / 26” tire – 1st Place
– Anarchy No Prep “Banger” Class / Stick Shift – 1st Place
– Sport Compact Finals at Orlando Speed World – 1st Place
– MAP Proving Grounds – 1st Place
– Multiple Street Car Takeover & Import Face Off Events
– Standing 1/2 Mile 4 Cylinder World Record – 213 MPH in 2013

Thank you to all of our friends, family, crew members, followers and supporters for being a part of this journey. And remember to always #BetOnRed

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