World Time Attack… Sydney Motorsport Park… and it’s 10th Anniversary are all slowly creeping their way towards the present day. We are seeing some big names return and more so, cars that are frankly, frankensteins of engineering.

But they’re some guys, like Jake at Shinka Autosport that are keeping true to their roots. Building an Evo to be the best it can be without taking away the why it was built in the first place.

World Time Attack 2018

Having started off in Competitive Karting as so many great drivers have; Jake was on the path to forever having Racing flow through his veins. Politics however, took him out of Karting, as the joy faded. But after it all, he realized his days behind the wheel, on track, racing would simply derail into the world of Autosport.

He purchased an Evo V this being his second Evo following the one that made him fall inlove with the name Lancer Evolution. Years prior at the release of the Evo IX, a neighbour of his had purchased one. And that was where Jake got infected with Evo Bug. He ended up purchasing his own IX and entered it to many Show & Shine expositions. One of which being held at World Time Attack. 

Though he has been an avid spectator of WTAC long before he brought his own Evo there, it was only years later, he made the connection that his now built Tarmac Rally Evo V could; with a few adjustments and tweaks, be strong enough to compete at the world stage.

“It’s such a versatile car to start with, so it allows people like me to be able to adapt the car slightly to different disciplines.”

Jake’s primary reason for building the Evo was always Tarmac Rally. That’s what his passion burns for and always has. As he grew up watching Rallies with his Father and even being an official, his eyes and ears could never stay away from that of when an Evo would pass. Further cementing his future in our world.

He wasn’t always a Jap boy. No, his first car was actually a BMW E30 325! Just as my buddy has currently. They truly are fun little cars & when I asked him about it. As any true crazy enthusiast would say; “I should of kept it for some crazy engine conversion!” This man is Ace’s in my book.

World Time Attack will never be the main goal during his time racing. This year may even be his last (which we know is a lie) because his true goals are too him, bigger. Adelaide Classic Rally for one, but the ultimate goal, the one we have all heard of… The Targa Tasmania.

Jake has a good head on his shoulders. He stays true to who he is. He built his car too satisfy his own needs and wants. Quality parts, detail has to be said. And even given the opportunity to build and compete in the World’s… He chooses to not pull away from his roots.

Jake Lambie, WTAC 2018

If you want to get into racing. Here’s a few words from Jake.

“If you want to get into the sport, do track days and rally sprints. Learn to drive the car you have and its limits, learn car control, don’t worry about mods when your learning. For racing, safety first (I know from experience), from your helmet, seats, belts etc then down to a good tyre and good brakes. Do a service before and after track work. Owning an evo is not cheap, it’s not meant to be cheap. The earlier models were $80k AUD new, in the 90’s! so don’t go putting $800 coilovers in it or second hand spark plugs etc. The poor man pays twice. And build it for what you want it to be, not what instagram wants it to be, that way you’ll enjoy it the most.”  #dontstanceit

I want to thank you Jake.

Thank you for the opportunity to come follow your journey, that of which I hope are within my cards to achieve. 

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has just begun.

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