We are all chasing that perfect sunrise, aiming for the stars as we set out to better ourselves. While lost among the noisy bustling, world that we call Earth comes moments where that perfect sunrise takes over.

My sunrise was found this year through you; Evolution Plus helped me this year achieve things I only dreamed of. And are still having trouble truly believing. I traveled not only too one of my dreamed of countries, but several of them.

I saw Japan through the headlights of an Evo IX Wagon racing along the C1. I mean long time friends whilst road tripping around New Zealand in an Evo X. I even managed to capture moments of the Fastest Evo in the world fly by me at 280kph, standing in put lane in Sydney.

Evolution Plus not only tripled it’s following this year, I gained enough moments of laughter and happiness to last me a lifetime. 2019 wasn’t as hard as everyone claimed it out too be. But only because I made the best of it. I didn’t let the hardship, ruin my drive.

Guys, our story has only begun. And we need to all be sure too stop allowing our conscious to let us moap around frustrated with life, with finances, with spouses or work. We need to all fight for our happiness. If we don’t no one will.

Walk into your garage, your front lawn, driveway; no matter. Get out there and get wrenching. Work, work and push towards getting those cars driving, your pockets full and your dreams growing.

Here’s to 2020. Are you ready?

I am.

Evolution Plus

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