What the hell even is it? Apparently it’s a Storm Trooper! So says Michal as the bobble head ST on his dash nods. Mitsubishi created these oddly shaped cheap family vans for the world, but took a very Japanese twist as one spec was a turbo version!

Storm Trooper

This is Michal Zak’s 1997 Mitsubishi RvR Hyper Sport Gear R (HSG) N23W.

You cannot be a little curious to what owning this day in and day out would be like, calling out sports cars and leaving them for dead! The sheer excitement one must feel as he pulls on kids around thinking this van is just posing.

Evos have always been about being able to go get the groceries and chop some ricer along the way, so what would this be!? It’s more family friendly, way more WOW factor… The kid in me love this HSG. Brings out the memories of loving everything that was new and different.

People wonder what it is at every corner street. Only the purists know.

Michal says his journey with it, is nearly over. Not in a sense of departing ways and selling. But having created the perfect recipe. Handling, Power & Aesthetics. Those TME 6.5 wheels keeping the RvR planted as the 5th matching spare wheel is there for when you go a little too hard…!

The 4G63 feeding the world’s wondrous O2 into sheer noise and magical music. With an appearance so unique, even those who aren’t enthusiasts, take a second look.

If I am right here, I would say that this VAN, is the real Family Evo.

Evolution Plus

Huge Thanks to Michal for this, it’s been a while in the making.

Let’s get back on the feature grind. Let us know what you’d like to see next!?

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