I could of never imagined myself living a life where friendships built on Social Media, somewhat in the same way we used to “Pen-Pal”; would ever become much more then so. I headed to Sydney, Australia this past October in search of the fastest road this side of the Atlantic; eastern creek.

Media Pass at WTAC 2019

I was lucky enough to be invited to travel for World Time Attack Challenge and along the way came many more opportunities. One of which had too do with a special bro, thousands of kilometers away with a different kind of project. This one isn’t just an Evo. It’s an overly thought out, detail oriented, proper built Evo VIII Drift Car.

Yes, you heard right. The engine we all love hasn’t left her home… she simply Evolved.

After landing in Sydney for the first time, Mark already had me checked up on, he was making sure I was taken care of, safe and ready to help in case of any issues I had…. I landed and my very first stop was none other then to his shop

Kustom Kraft Fabrication.

You hear a lot about people, see them from an ocean away on Social Media. But the person behind the screen truly could never be understood unless one does meet. From the moment I walked in, I felt at home. But more so I was shocked.

I was left speechless as I looked over the Evo. The detail, the improvements to chassis to bring this Evo from a Rally car to a Drift car and all else in between. The work done was world class and that is #facts.

Mark isn’t a pro drifter, his shop isn’t a world renowned facility, but Mark’s passion for the industry far trumps those of large, inflated businesses. He is a true passionate enthusiast with a skill set, few have.

It’s quite easy too see from these photos. Look at the quality of a product Mark is able to produce. But imagine what he could do for you… If you’re local, give him a call.

Mark, I Just wanted to wish you the best birthday. Though belated, I hope this comes as a surprise, one that can put a smile on your face. Here’s too you. You helped me live a dream.

Thank you.

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