This view is not one that is scene often… It quite literally may never been seen in North America, where I am from. But on my first trip to New Zealand; Warren made it happen.

You ask, why this duo will never be in N/A? Could be partially because of our import laws or could simply be that the cost alone is high enough that the only person to truly be willing to pull it off as those whom know their (cars) true history.

Warren rolled into the Tech area of Hampton Downs Motorsport Park as I had my back turned… And too my surprise as I looked back, I saw it. The Literal Dream. Silver Pajero Evolution hauling a true, VI.5 TME (Tommi Makenen Edition 6.5).

And it all got better once she was off the trailer. The Pajero was immaculate, but the TME was unlike any I had ever thought to have been able to witness, live, before me.

Not only is he a stand up guy, he is one who shares the passion with all those around him. Genuine, stand up character he is.

I am looking forward to my next trip down to New Zealand, so we can take a closer look at this absolutely dream worthy duo.

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