It’s all started off as boredom. And once that ended, the search for numbers took over. Not right away. But it did. Until the day Evolution Plus went from 10k to 20k followers, nearly overnight.

It did so in a time when I would never post. It did so organically. I guess the joys of seeing Evos really was there. But I think that is when I realized, after the meet you see every time you click on my website was accomplished.

It was H2Oi, yeah you know that crazy one every September in Ocean City, Maryland. Well I was the only Early Evo within the sea of cars…And that’s when I pulled off my first Evolution Plus Meet. Evo VS STI 94th Street.

I yelled out “FOLLOW EVOLUTION PLUS” with one of my best friends & I just jumped of joy. What had we done. It was bad ass… That’s when it hit me.

Numbers are not what allow you too create true moments like those you’ll see in this small film of ours. It’s the people. It’s the reality that while numbers may help you reach out, nothing is more important than allowing those connections to become friendships.

This is Evolution Plus. And like I said… This is only my 100,00th. Imagine my 1,000,000th.

Love you all. Kia Ora.

Produced By: Snapt NZ & Evolution Plus
DOP: Ryan Quirke Cam
OP: Ryan Quirke & Jordan Hector
Drone OP: Ryan Quirke
Post Production: Ryan Quirke

Track 1: https://soundcloud.com/ncturne/sinking
Track 2: https://soundcloud.com/beatsbyfate/ghosts
Track 3: https://soundcloud.com/oliverrofficial/dusk

Snapt captured this moment.

2 Replies to “This is for my 100,000th

  1. So Wicked, so proud of all your achievements since i have been following you.. Ever since meeting you on your 1st visit to NZ pre Mitsubishi Owners day 2019 i knew you were onto great things! And undoubtable here it is! All members of Auckland Evolution Car Club speak highly of there experiences with you and love being part of your events. Your wealth of knowledge is amazing one day hope to be at your level. Bring on the Next NZ MOD whenever it maybe dam Covid 19…

    1. MOD lives within us all, thank you so much. You were quite literally the first Kiwi we ever met. You allowed our first experience with New Zealand too be out of this world. Thanks Tiff!

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