What started off as a love for the sport, became a way of life for this team “Tilton Interiors/GWR Performance” as they took the world by storm years ago and continued to do so every year after so.

But last year hit hard, as the Tilton Evo lost it’s battle. The chassis was ruined, bent out of shape and hurt. Kosta would not give up on the their passion for racing and with the 10th anniversary of World Time Attack to happen in October of 2019 (now passed) they took the bull by it’s horns and “THE RISING” Tilton Evo V2.0 was born.

Tilton Evo Lancer V2.0 “The Rising” – 2019 WTAC Documentary

It was an absolute pleasure to be side by side with this team during over three days of racing. I was even lucky enough to get our Evolution Plus logo side by side with Voltex’s.

I truly cannot wait for what’s in store next year for this incredible team.

The Tilton Evo

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