Many of you will wonder what we mean by that? To the Top? Is Andre Simon coming back with old faithful; DOCILE…? Is he chasing the top of Evo front line down the line? But no; To The Top refers to the windy bits, chasing the sky!

You heard me right, DOCILE won’t be so tam, relatively speaking. Her days of going from point A to B may just evolve into something special, at none other than the hands of the Andre Simon of the High Performance Academy.

I had the pleasure to watch Andre work whilst at World Time Attack, last October. Fell short of properly introducing myself. We were all busy, believe me. Running around like chickens with our heads off with all there was to cover!

He is not only a Motorsport enthusiast as you may know, but a wiz in his domain. Andre has truly helped bring the world a different view at vehicle tuning & will forever be one of the greats. Especially looking back, as he raced side by side with the former APC Evo II, now owned by 4&Rotary Promotions. The fastest Early Evo to this date.

Well here it is. DOCILE. And this is what Andre had to say.

WTB: Good condition EVO 1-3 engine. Long motor only. Don’t need manifolds or turbo. Engine MUST be in original and rebuildable condition. MUST be at stock bore size. What have my NZ friends got available? NOTE: Before you ask, yes, the High Performance Academy crew are considering resurrecting DOCILE. Don’t get too excited, it’s not going to happen quickly and we won’t be chasing 7’s since we live about a million miles from a drag strip now. This will however get us up the mountain in record time 🏂

Can we find him an engine to DOCILE a little more disobedient? I hope you are all as excited as I am. Glad to see some old school passion comeback to life. You all know how much Evos have become part of my life. Seeing one resurrect is what I live for.

Looking forward to following this journey, hopefully in more detail right here on Evolution Plus, and most definitely right here on HPA’s own –> https://www.youtube.com/user/learntotune

  • Hope to be able to properly introduce myself one day!

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