I am honestly having difficulty knowing where to truly begin with this. I guess I should start with how I ended up in Tokyo for three days. How I ended up taking a trip of a lifetime and cramming it into a short seventy two hours; yet coming out of it with a life changing experience.

For all of you that don’t know this about me, I have a successful career in Wind Energy. We build automation equipment to mass produce Wind Turbine blades. And if you know anything about wind itself, it’s occurs world-wide! “Wow!” Unless your Donald Trump, “When the wind stops blowing, that’s the end of your electric.” Anyways. Because of this I have the incredible opportunity to travel the world. But more so, access so many other countries quite easily because of it.

Tokyo Skytree

That’s how I ended up in Japan. One day looking through flights a couple days before what would of been a three day weekend, I stumbled upon a set of cheap flights… And the car guy inside of me knew I had to act. Before I could blink I had flights booked and as badly as the kid inside of me wanted to tell the world.. I didn’t. Felt like to surprise everyone was more adapt for something so daft in the eyes on you normal folk. (sorry)

Thursday night came quick, and before I knew it, this guy who runs an Evo page was landing in what I quickly learned to be the most culturally rich car enthusiasts country in the world. It didn’t take long for me to speak with a follower of mine and plan a meet up. Soon after landing I was already on my way to meet him. (A US Army soldier working and living at the Yokota Army Base in the North-West of Tokyo.) I had previously sold David a Hi-Flow cat that was on my Evo 1.3 but as it goes, he opted for a delete instead!

David & his Evo II along side his buddy in his new IV.

David was an avid follower of mine for the longest time and when I realized we could finally meet and do so in Japan. My trip had already been a success. Until, David told me what his plans were. Him and his buddies from the force were heading to Daikoku PA. If you don’t know it, you should do a quick youtube/google search. It will blow your mind (as I hope some of my photos will as well.)

I’ll be honest, I was less then prepared for this trip. I had my S9+ and a bag full of clothes, but you know what I mean. I have a lot less photos and footage then I wanted… Though at the same time, just enough. This trip left me speechless so often, picking up my phone for a shot was just not something I had on my mind.

Roberto upfront in his Evo III.

Picture this; spending the last three hours walking around a PA with some of the most rad JDM classics and clean cars you have ever seen. Just after having cruised down the sky-ways of Tokyo for the first time, at 100mph+ while being explained about the culture. Then to be told you could hitch a ride with a new found buddy of yours for a night cruising the C1 smack dab in the center of Tokyo, Japan.

This wasn’t a childhood dream, this was a dream that has been boiling inside since my high-school days putting thousands of miles on none other then the famous Midnight Maximum Tune (Another youtube/google moment for you newbs). I had two favorite tracks, C1 & Hakone. These “tracks” were almost exact copies of what is know only as the Wangan in Japan, a set of sky-ways (as I call them) circling this immense city. But the most famous one, the one with the most history, the C1; is the one to grab me by the arm and pull me into it’s enthralling, curves and tunnels.

Evo V find at Daikoku PA.

It’s kinda funny really, we were sitting at Hakozaki PA, the C1’s parking area. It’s very limited parking spots makes it out to be but a cooling down area before your next run. It luckily turned out to be a spot where I’d end up making so many friends and connections during my time there. It was also how, I ended up driving the C1 on my very first night, in an Evo III of all things!

My new found buddy Roberto brought me along to run the C1 and being the Early Evo guy that I am. I started talking about the car and what he should do to it, it was a stock example. I told him how he could make it a true weapon without really fiddling around too much. (Unlike those pesky Subaru’s that need a couple grand to keep up with us, Ha!) As we were pulling the Dash to do the 180km/h limiter removal mod, the Police showed up and told all of us not in spots to leave! If you know anything about pulling a cluster, it can only be done while sitting in the driver’s seat, where I was. (Watch out for our next article on how to Remove Limiter on your Early Evo’s)

Hakozaki PA, C1 meeting spot crew.

So here we are, Police behind us, the cluster hanging out and we got to go! So I slap the cluster back in and before I was going to get out and swap seats, he goes “Want to drive?” Now, I am nearly a ten year veteran in the Early Evo world, he knew that, every one knows that… He trusted me. So what do you think I said, “No?” HAAA, YA RIGHT! I reaffirmed his question and accepted…

Twelve hours into my trip in Japan and yours truly… was sitting in a genuine Evo III on Speedlines about to go for a run on the C1.

But your all going to have to wait till pt2 for the rest of this story.

Stay tuned, follow and for god sakes give us a share!

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